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On An island On The Sun .
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Rapture in a Maze of Screaming Silence .
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Special Thanks

Special thanks too All Who Reblogged My FaithLess Picture , much Love From the Bottem of My Heart Original Photography Done by Me ( @iGeoSpeaks ) The Hands in The Pic Are Mines && My Boyfriends ’ The People in The Back are Lupe , Teresa & Marya , ( Captured Images of Light <3 )  

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Happy Hump Day :)
seabass24 asked: i know this isnt a question lol but i love your song and blog ^____^

Aww Thankss :)

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Anonymous asked: Yuh are just soo damn Cute,,,If i ever happened to see yuh out somewhere i wouldnt be able to help but stop and stare at yuh..On a scale from 1 to 100 yuh are 210:))

Dang This Hella Made mee Cheese ! ;) 

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Anonymous asked: Fuk in uhh parkk err in uhh car

Um Lemme Keep it Old Fashioned and Do it in The Bed lol , But if i Had too Pick id Say the Park ! :p 

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Anonymous asked: Are You Gay!???

Yess im GAY ! , Imaa Complete Homo :) 

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Anonymous asked: do you think everyone deserves a second chance ?

Honestly Nahh ’ Someetimes People Doo Some Fcked Upp Shit No Matter How Muchh You Care bout emm ’ No Body Should Be Forgivinn For Doing Somee STUPID SHIT ! :) 

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Anonymous asked: Dude i Seen your Boyfriend hes like Whoe, dident think He wus your type i Seen yall in B-town looks crazy kid, i mean your perfect and hes WTF lol, but idk tahts all you buddy i wanted to say hi but i wus kinda shy?

Lmfao ! Whoo the Heck are You too Say that about My bf ? Yee i Know hes diff but Ayy thats Why i Love Emm ’ i Got Something i Cann truly say is Amazing && Never Ending ’ But Damn that wus like a few Days Aqo FCKKIN STALKER ! lol 

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