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Da Do Olipant .
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HAHAHAHA, now I can sleep. This was a great laugh. This made my night. LOL
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i Look in The Mirror & i Don’t See My Reflection . 
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Hello Stranger , 
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Raise Your Weapon , Lunch Your Insults ’ Rip Through My Heart , Now Watch it Burn . 
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Ripping My Heart Was So Easy , So Easy , Launch Your Sowrd Now , Raise Your Weapon , One Word and its Over , Ripping Through Like a Missile , Ripping Through My Heart , Rob Me of This Love ’ Raise your Weapon And its Over , On The First Page of Our Story the Future Seem’d so bright ’ Then this tale turn’d Out so Evil , You take things to the far extream , But ill Always be Your Hero ’ even though ive lost my mind .
Grab Your Ego , You Wont feel a Thing , always Number One , The Pen with the bent wrist crocked king , sign away our peice for your warmth ’ One word and its Over , Dropping The Bombs Now On all we built , How does it feel now , to watch it burn , Rasie your weapon , You Feed Me Fables from your Voice , With violent Words and Empty Threds , Its sick ’ all these battles , a war keeps me satisfied , it all remains dead ‘ 
Feeling Our past would End , hold to the touch that i know ’ Remember when you fall asleep hold to this once , i Shant give Up Yet let go ’ Sound of faithless tears , forever fascinating ’  All that remains is the Mistake , Raise your weapon , One word , And its Over . 
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I suck at txting. I used to be addicted to txting and I’d eply in a matter of seconds, but now I’m definitely one of the worst people at replying back to messages. I usually take hours to reply or even days. Not because I try to avoid talking to people, but I’m just busy living my life or I’m occupied at that moment. Just because I have my phone on me 24/7 doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to use it 24/7 as well.

Geez , Sooooo true ’ Same with me i Use too be all into it now im all preoccupied with other things ’ More important things , People stay trippen Talken Bout ” You hella Lagg at replying ” lol My Badd i dont mean too ! lol (:

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whenever you text me,

i feel butterflies in my tummy, and then i start smiling like crazy


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living in Los Angeles
iMiss My HomeTown ’ There’s Most Deff No Place Like Home . 
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